Paper Projects

I really love paper. And books. 
Sometimes this love gets translated into making small zines or books. Some of them make fun of bad internet lists. Some of them re-imagine a discarded book, and some are just empty, waiting to be filled.


How to Make a Good First Impression
(according to

I made this book because I was about to graduate from college and was desperately seeking advice from any and all sources, including the internet, and including

The advice to "be interesting" was so ridiculous to me I made a book about it. 



I used to work in a library shelving books and occasionally the librarians would discard some of the more battered or out of date copies in their collection. I took one to use for an art class and decided to play with the subject as well as the form of the book.

 The small rivers of light are made from the spaces between words or lines of the text, and the small sketches were part of the original book, repurposed to interact with the streams of light. The material tucked into the end of the book ties into the flowing light that propels the narrative of this art book as well as to Duncan's tragic early death.